Lavender Lotion

Image of Lavender Lotion

For your walking tools. This lotion is best used for feet and legs. Use at night, then slip on your favorite socks & pjs. Your bedroom smells like a citrus garden and wake up with hydrated, soft, and happy toes. All natural.

Planted three different Lavender plants last year. Used the sprigs from those plants for this round of lotion. A new recipe - new and improved. Ingredients: lavender, shea, soy, aloe & sunflower oil.

Each jar holds 3 oz of fresh lotion. Before the lotion is poured, the jar goes through a triple cleaning system of vinegar and organic soap.

Eco friendly, reduce, reuse, recycle.
We reuse jars. If you are in Los Angeles, drop off your bottle in our booth at Artists & Fleas on Saturdays in Venice. You will receive $1 off your next bottle purchase.

Lotion available for shipping to anywhere in the U.S.

* Our herbs and flowers are grown & harvested in our backyard garden in Los Angeles.